Balcony Garden Ideas!

Are you interested in converting your front or backyard turned into a beautiful paradise with great balcony garden ideas?

For your balcony to become your fantasy garden, you can add trellises, hanging baskets, freestanding pots, railing planters, crates, and pallets.

In addition, you may grow anything in your balcony garden as long as your plants receive enough sunlight, water, and affection.

If are you prepared to build your green balcony, then these are some fantastic balcony garden ideas to get your gardening gear and grab a trowel.

Along with a free DIY balcony garden guide, a list of the best plants and veggies for your balcony is also provided.

In this article you’ll learn:

So, let’s begin!

Why Have a Balcony Garden?

Balconies can be easily transformed into green spaces, and maintenance is much easier.

A balcony garden can improve the attraction of your home by blooming throughout the summer.

And not everybody has a big backyard, therefore a green balcony is an ideal choice for gardening enthusiasts who live in apartments.

Additionally, a little piece of nature can be soothing and comforting in the middle of a concrete jungle.

A balcony garden will help to cool the air naturally, cut down on pollution, and muffle high-frequency noise.

It seems there are a lot of great reasons for you to start balcony gardening.

Balcony Garden Ideas

Balcony Gardening vs Terrace Gardening:

Gardening on balconies and terraces uses a similar approach to make the most of small spaces.

Balcony gardens are more compact, but terrace gardens are larger that might occupy the entire roof space.

Terrace gardens are lighter and airier. The versatility of balcony gardens is much less than that of terrace gardens.

As they are frequently attached to indoor living areas like the bedroom or kitchen, balcony gardens have the advantage of being more easily accessible.

Best Balcony Garden Ideas and Designs:

On your balcony, you can grow herbs, vegetables, ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees.

When you are satisfied with the layout of your room, add a few seats so you can relax with a book, take sleep, or have a cup of afternoon tea.

Here is a selection of the best examples you can use as inspiration from a container or vertical balcony garden to an apartment.

1. Small Balcony Garden:

Small Balcony Garden

You shouldn’t be concerned if your balcony is a little, restricted, or just unable to accommodate a large garden.

These fantastic suggestions make it simple to begin a modest balcony garden.

2. Rail Balcony Garden:

Rail Balcony Garden

To make a long and narrow balcony greener without making it smaller? Think about utilizing railing planters.

They can be suspended from metal hooks or placed on rails.

3. Minimalist Freestanding Container Garden:

Minimalist Freestanding Container Garden

Add a few freestanding pots with unique forms and colours to your balcony, and presto!

For the correct amount of greenery, grow attractive plants like umbrella plants and paradise palms.

4. Deck-Style Balcony Garden:

Deck-Style Balcony Garden

For a novel concept, turn your balcony into a miniature deck.

Use deck tiles or wooden planks to create the look shown below.

Add fake grass and pebbles to draw attention.

The railing can be used to hang planters and potted plants can be hung on a pallet wall.

5. Balcony Floral Oasis Garden:

Balcony Floral Oasis Garden

You can still enjoy a flower garden even if your balcony is small.

Use pots that can be hooked to the rails and hanging plants.

To make your area appear as though it came from an Italian rom-com, grow petunias, geraniums, and clematis.

6. Secret Rose Garden:

Secret Rose Garden

Make your balcony an escape you can visit occasionally.

They have a stunning appearance and fill your environment with a summery fragrance.

Roses may be planted easily in decorative pots, but you can even let the climbing kinds cover your balcony.

7. Herb Garden on Balcony Ideas:

Herb Garden on Balcony Ideas

Imagine having a mint, lemongrass, basil, and rosemary available for you to pick and use in your kitchen.

On your balcony, you can begin a herb garden, which is much better.

Most herbs thrive in cramped areas that are less demanding than flowering or decorative plants.

They’ll also leave your balcony with a wonderful scent.

8. Terra Cotta Balcony Herb Garden:

Terra Cotta Balcony Herb Garden

In terra cotta planters, grow herbs like basil, dill, and rosemary.

Clay planters are porous and look good, so you don’t have to worry about overwatering your herbs.

9. Wooden Crate Planters Garden:

Wooden Crate Planters Garden

Your herb garden can be stored in repurposed wooden boxes.

These planters are small, rustic, and country-like in appearance.

Using wooden legs, you can also elevate them off the ground.

In this manner, you may gather fresh herbs without bending over.

10. Tin Can Planters Garden:

Tin Can Planters Garden

Create stylish planters for your balcony using repurposed or old tin cans.

Make holes with nails, then use zip ties to attach them to the railing.

Basil and thyme have shallow roots that can be planted in small tin cans, whereas parsley and lemongrass require larger cans.

11. Metal Staircase Stand Garden:

Metal Staircase Stand Garden

Create a metal structure with multiple levels for your balcony herb garden.

These stands have various sizes that are also quite sturdy.

They’ll not only enable you to grow a variety of herbs in a little space, but they’ll also improve their aesthetic appeal.

12. Wood DIY Planter Box Garden:

Wood DIY Planter Box Garden

Create your planter box using leftover wood from abandoned pallets.

When your planter is prepared, add dirt to it.

In your planter, grow herbs like mint, basil, parsley, and oregano.

13. Balcony Container Garden:

Balcony Container Garden

Container gardens are a fantastic way to maximize the space on your balcony.

Wooden, terra cotta, and posh plastic planters are all choices.

You can also recycle metal boxes, pallets, tin cans, and buckets.

14. Multi-Coloured Metal Buckets Garden:

Multi-Coloured Metal Buckets Garden

Increase the heat in your balcony garden by using colourful metal containers.

Blue, orange, red, and pink are good choices for bold hues.

Even in the winter, when your plants become sparse, these pots will still appear elegant.

Plant dahlias, lavender, roses, and pansies since they are colourful and have little maintenance.

15. Trellis Fairy Plater Garden:

Trellis Fairy Plater Garden

Your balcony would be incomplete without a wooden trellis on which to hang pots.

You can start gardening by attaching various-sized planters to it.

Now complete your setup by including a miniature fairy house and some fairy lights to invite pixies to your balcony.

16. Hanging Clay Pots Garden:

Hanging Clay Pots Garden

Terra cotta pots can be hung from the balcony ceiling to provide an eye-catching design element.

Chain your pots together to make the most of your vertical space.

Additionally, you can take pleasure in the vibrant seasonal blossoms.

17. Urn Planters Garden:

Urn Planters Garden

For a balcony garden that will be the talk of the neighbourhood, bring in urn planters.

Paint them bright colours, then arrange them in tidy rows.

These pots have a distinctive design that might draw attention to your balcony garden.

18. Vegetable Gardening on Balcony Ideas:

Vegetable Gardening on Balcony Ideas

For backyard vegetable gardening, you don’t need a large garden.

You have plenty of room on your balcony.

With the right care, you can easily enjoy the “veggies” of your labour.

19. Garden Vegetable Basket Garden:

Garden Vegetable Basket Garden

For beginning vegetable gardens on balconies, plastic baskets work great.

They are often portable, sturdy, light, and space-saving.

Fill them with quality planting or potting soil.

20. Crate-To-Plate Garden:

Crate-To-Plate Garden

Growing everything in ancient wooden boxes from spinach to strawberries is a common practice.

They are a rather efficient use of space and a cheap, environmentally friendly method to start gardening on your balcony.

Fresh vegetables in wooden crates can also serve as eye-catching balcony decor.

21. Tomato Balcony Garden:

Tomato Balcony Garden

They don’t require a lot of space, they are simple to cultivate and attractive.

22. Hanging Wicker Baskets Garden:

Hanging Wicker Baskets Garden

If you can contain your vegetable garden with pots made of a range of materials?

Plant your preferred vegetables in them after covering them with a layer of plastic and adding dirt.

23. Vegetable Deck Garden:

Vegetable Deck Garden

On your deck, establish a profitable vegetable garden.

You can squeeze plants into every possible square foot to boost your yield.

Just a small opening should be left between each.

24. Apartment Balcony Small Garden Ideas:

Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas

Give the balcony of your small apartment a green makeover.

 Sure, you wouldn’t be able to produce a tonne of plants and vegetables, but you may still live in a small garden and love gardening.

25. Balcony Lawn Ideas Garden:

Balcony Lawn Ideas Garden

The ideal answer for a lawn enthusiast who lives in an apartment is to use artificial turf to give your modest balcony a lawn-like sensation.

It is cost-effective and simple to maintain.

26. Jungle-Inspired Balcony Garden:

Jungle-Inspired Balcony Garden

Your balcony can become an enchanted forest due to an abundance of potted trees, lush plants, and vines.

It will be visually spectacular from a distance.

Additionally, you’ll feel more private on your balcony.

27. Micro-Park Balcony Garden:

Micro-Park Balcony Garden

If you love to grow, you should utilize every square inch of your balcony.

Use clay pots, planters, railings, hanging baskets, trellises, and more.

It will make your balcony look like a miniature park and let you carry out your gardening dreams even in a small apartment.

You don’t need a lot of plants on your balcony to give it a rustic feel.

28. Rustic Apartment Balcony Garden:

Rustic Apartment Balcony Garden

To create a rustic atmosphere on your balcony, you don’t need a lot of plants.

It will also work to place a few potted plants.

You’ll need pots and containers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.

Plant various kinds of vegetation and randomly arrange them on your balcony.

Pots and containers of all sizes, shapes, and hues are required.

29. Floral Oasis Garden:

Floral Oasis Garden

Create a floral oasis for your balcony to have a flowering look that makes your space seem cosy and inviting.

So, you could grow petunias, geraniums, begonias, and sweet alyssum in brightly coloured planters.

30. Home Balcony Gardening Ideas:

Home Balcony Gardening Ideas

Try using wooden crates, hanging baskets, railing pots, and vertical planters.

The fantastic ideas listed below can serve as your inspiration.

31. Cheerful Balcony Garden:

Cheerful Balcony Garden

Perhaps a petunia and rose-filled balcony garden would be nice.

To give a space an old-world vibe, mount pots on the railing or hang them from the roof.

Put flowers on your balcony in red, pink, and yellow to create a cheery and upbeat atmosphere.

32. Balcony Corner Garden:

Balcony Corner Garden

You can cultivate plants in a little balcony nook.

To make your room greener, line the fence with vibrant planters, add a few freestanding pots, and erect trellises.

Grow fuchsias, marigolds, lavenders, and sunflowers.

Your tiny corner garden is now prepared.

Marigolds can even help keep mosquitoes away from your garden.

33. Repurposed Crate Garden:

Repurposed Crate Garden

Utilizing used wooden crates, make a raised flower garden for your balcony.

They are a unique, economical, and space-efficient method of growing plants and vegetables.

34. Blooming Floral Garden:

Blooming Floral Garden

A lively and colourful balcony can leave a big impression even in a little space.

Use every square inch of the available area.

Plants can be planted in trellises, hanging planters, rail pots, and other structures.

35. Vertical Garden Ideas for Balcony:

Vertical Garden Ideas for Balcony

It’s simple, use vertical gardening!

Trellises, shelves, gutters, and even pallets and crates can all be used to hang pots from your walls.

36. Trailers Plant Wall Garden:

Trailers Plant Wall Garden

Utilize trailing plants in ceramic pots to turn your balcony into a verdant waterfall.

Utilizing metal or wooden holders, attach the pots to a spotless wall.

Growing plants like English ivy, golden pathos, a string of pearls, and a burro’s tail will help you succeed.

37. DIY Pallet Hanging Garden:

DIY Pallet Hanging Garden

For your vertical balcony garden, upcycle old palettes.

Install it on a bare wall on your balcony and hang pots on it in various sizes and shapes.

This do-it-yourself project is cheap and incredibly simple to complete.

Old palettes are simple to get at small neighbourhood grocery stores or retail establishments.

38. Living Wall Balcony Garden:

Living Wall Balcony Garden

Your balcony’s bare wall can be adorned with leafy plants of all different sizes, colours, and shapes.

It won’t take up much space that will give your room the necessary depth and character.

39. Colourful Vertical Balcony Garden:

Colourful Vertical Balcony Garden

Use pots and plants with bold colours for a lovely pop of colour.

On a wooden pallet that has been polished to be more upscale, hang spots in the colours of orange, yellow, white, and green.

Then, fill your pots with herbs like dill and rosemary or blooming plants like petunias and geraniums.

40. Balcony Trellis Garden:

Balcony Trellis Garden

A painted trellis to hold your miniature balcony garden?

Use pots in deep tones of brown or grey. The set-up will appear extremely modest.

41. Best Balcony Plants and Vegetables:

Best Balcony Plants and Vegetables

You can grow plants and veggies in a small backyard.

Your balcony’s small space can be transformed into a thriving garden with the appropriate container and plants.

Best Veggies for Your Balcony Garden:

Vegetables could add a bit of rustic charm to your balcony garden.

Additionally, growing them organically ensures their taste and health.

To cultivate them, you’ll essentially need to follow the same procedures you’d do in your backyard.

Some easy-to-grow balcony veggies are as follows:

  • Chives
  • Radish
  • Lettuce
  • Beans
  • Tomato
  • Spinach
  • Pepper
  • Kale
  • Potato
  • Cucumber

Best Flowers for Your Balcony Garden:

Plants with flowers will add a wonderful summery feel to your balcony.

Most plants can be grown successfully in planters.

Even so, you might want to stick with drought-tolerant, slightly shade-tolerant plants.

The following flowers are the finest to grow on your balcony:

How to Create a DIY Balcony Garden:

Start working on a balcony DIY project.

Our step-by-step instructions make it simple to get started on this simple DIY balcony garden regardless of your level of gardening experience.

Step 1 – Consider Your Space:

Before getting your hands very literally dirty, take a good, long look at your balcony.

Examine the amount of light it receives, its orientation, and the available space.

You can then choose what kind of garden to design as a result.

Step 2 – Choose Your Design:

There are countless design possibilities available to you.

You can pick containers, plant pockets, fence planters, vertical gardens, or a combination depending on your surroundings and tastes.

Step 3 – Choose Your Plants:

The enjoyable part is deciding what you want to cultivate.

For a cheerful and blossoming appearance in your home, consider creating a floral balcony garden.

Alternately, you may begin planning a more useful garden with vegetables and herbs.

So forth you choose, don’t forget that your plants need sunlight, water, a certain temperature, and healthy soil.

Step 4 – Select Your Planters:

You should grow plants in balcony planters that complement their original use.

For vegetables, you’ll need long, wide planters.

Step 5 – Add Some Furniture:

The grassy balcony area is probably where you wish to relax after work. You may read a book or sip tea there.

So don’t forget to incorporate some lightweight swings, a few foldable chairs or a mattress with some pillows into your balcony garden.

Step 6 – Safety and Maintenance:

Make sure all of your planters are securely fastened and won’t topple over in strong winds.

Verify any weight restrictions that might apply to your balcony inside the building.

You must provide your plants with the proper quantity of sunlight, water, and occasional trimming if you want them to thrive.

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FAQ- Great Balcony Garden Ideas with a DIY Balcony Guide:

Would you be willing to transform your balcony into a verdant garden?

Before bringing pots, crates, and trellises to your balcony, you might want to read through some significant FAQs.

What vegetables are suitable for growing on a balcony?

Most veggies can be produced in a balcony garden, in addition to those you might plant in your backyard.

Begin by growing low-maintenance, easy-to-grow vegetables like beans, green onions, peppers, eggplants, or cucumbers.

Your vegetable planter needs to be deep, wide, and have sufficient drainage.

What will a balcony garden require?

It’s simple to get a balcony garden going.

A balcony with at least three hours of direct sunshine is required.

Next, gather some planters and any necessary plants or seeds.

You’re finally ready to go on your balcony gardening adventure after you have basic gardening equipment in your possession, such as a trowel, watering can set of shears, etc.

How do I build a small balcony garden?

You must first determine space before you can develop a small balcony garden.

The final step is straightforward: start gardening by bringing in some pots and seeds.

For a more detailed “how-to,” read our step-by-step instructions on creating a DIY balcony garden above.

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When it comes to gardening, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, effort, or money to cultivate plants in your little balcony garden ideas.

There will be no wedding and no lawn mowing, so you’ll have plenty of time to think of creative solutions.

Utilize the area for vegetable and flower gardening, as well as occasionally hosting visitors.

Your cramped balcony can become a miniature Eden Garden with a little bit of advanced planning.

Are you ready to launch your balcony? Please share with us in the section below for comments.

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