Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors!

Do you want to enhance your gardening skills with wall garden ideas and designs for outdoors as well as indoors?

These gardening skills are not only a beautiful addition to your house or backyard, but they are also a great choice if you don’t have much room.

Gardeners never run out of ideas for plants subsequent, but many run out of space.

Wall gardens are a fun way to solve the age-old problem of space; Finally, why not take gain of any unused walls?

We’ll give you a tonne of wall garden inspiration ideas and designs in this article so you can design your own.

In this article you’ll learn:

Let’s go!

Why Wall Gardens?

Do you really need an excuse to plant a fresh crop of flowers?

Wall gardens are popular right now because they provide a lot of opportunities for both experienced gardeners and those who are just starting out.

When you want to highlight the plants, wall gardens are the ideal answer, your treasured plants should be displayed on the patio or on the wall by the front door.

Give any disused space new life, whether it’s a corner of your living room or an outside wall or give a plain wall a makeover.

Tip: If you want to experiment with different plants that have unique lighting and watering requirements, wall gardens are fantastic.

These plants might not survive in a true garden, but they will flourish in a pot in a controlled environment.

Last but not least, wall gardens give you a chance to exhibit your artistic abilities.

Not only the plants themselves are important, but how you arrange them in your unique container designs, and the way the colours are combined.

Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors:

Let’s take a look at some wall garden designs as follows:

1. Brick Wall Gardens:

Brick Wall Gardens

Don’t attempt to conceal an outdated brick wall or brick fence that is part of your home.

Since they complement the green leaves and the vibrant flowers, red bricks are a great backdrop for wall gardens.

Additionally, it is simple to drill holes for shelves or hangers for individual plant pots.

Use vintage ceramic vases in earthy tones to create a rustic look.

2. Retaining Wall Gardens:

Retaining Wall Garden Ideas

Retaining walls are essential to keep soil in place in gardens that are situated on slopes.

Wood is the most affordable retaining wall material and it is perfect for building a walled garden.

Drilling holes in the wall to hang pots is simple, but vines can be used to completely cover the wall if you choose.

As it would be hidden yet, you won’t need to worry too much about the quality of the wood you use.

 Many layers can be used in a retaining wall garden to achieve significant heights.

 A stone stairway-style pathway can also be included in it.

More planting space results from wider layers making the width suitable for your needs.

3. Vertical Wall Gardens:

Vertical Wall Gardens - Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

The greatest way to conceal an exterior wall is with vertical gardens rather than by painting it again.

Making a vertical frame out of recycled wood or metal shelves is the first thing you need to do.

Put a plastic sheet on the rear of the frame because it will be placed up against the wall to ward off mildew.

4. Garden Wall Planter:

Garden Wall Planter - Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

It depends on your creativity and the type of stuff you have lying around the house while building a garden wall planter.

In the event that you decide to redesign the kitchen, you might use a planter on a few of the shelves you’re getting rid of.

A used bookshelf is similar or you may get several wall planters made of metal or wood online.

It can be positioned on the floor up against a wall, or by drilling a few holes and raising it to a useful height.

It doesn’t need to be too tall.

5. Pallet Wall Gardens:

Pallet Wall Gardens

Pallets are the easiest thing ever.

Even if you don’t have any in the shed, it’s not hard to find them and precisely what you need to fill them with flower pots.

One is sufficient to get started, but you may also use pallets positioned at various heights to make a complicated pattern.

They are fantastic for food or herbs.

6. Wall Herb Gardens:

Wall Herb Gardens

Of all the wall gardens you could imagine, it was the most unassuming and practical.

Fresh basil or cilantro in your garden is something you’ll undoubtedly enjoy if you’re an avid cook.

A little set of shelves or an old gutter can be transformed into a herb garden.

After dividing the gutters into sections, go to the market and buy seeds for each kind of herb you anticipate needing.

Tip: You’ll get there even if they don’t all grow well on your first try.

7. Wood Wall Gardens:

Wood Wall Gardens - Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

The natural warmth of wood kind of begs you to construct a walled garden.

One can be built on your garden fence or installed using shelves, pallets, or wooden boxes.

Even a rickety ladder will work, but you’ll have to settle for smaller pots.

Picking plants with vibrant flowers or some vegetables might be a good idea if you’re utilizing crates or pallets.

However, you can also install some shelves at varying heights, preferably in an asymmetrical arrangement, and place one pot on each.

8. Wall Air Plants:

Wall Air Plants

A walled garden is a great place to grow air plants like Xeric or Mesic because they don’t need soil.

They require access to light, water, and, well, fresh air.

Although indirect light is sufficient, keep in mind that they don’t thrive in direct sunshine.

Watering is a simple process; you just need to sprinkle the leaves’ tops and undersides once or twice a week at most.

9. Wall Hanging Gardens:

Wall Hanging Gardens - Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

This style of wall garden ideas and designs works great as indoors and outdoors decor.

It is ideal for a minimalist home to hang some plants on the wall of the living room.

 Make sure they aren’t overly large plants with drooping leaves or in strong colours since they will compete with the decor of the rest of the space.

Glass pots are also a choice.

Tip: Use adhesive hooks instead of drilling holes in the walls if you don’t want to damage them.

10. Wall Herb Garden Indoor:

Wall Herb Garden Indoor

Herbs may be grown year-round indoors or on a covered balcony in a walled garden, which is one of their best features.

If you have a free wall, this garden is perfect for the kitchen, even a whole wall is not necessary.

By utilizing the window sill and putting some shelves below it, you may create a herb garden.

In essence, a shelf can be placed on any empty wall area, it will also brighten up your kitchen!

11. Rock Wall Gardens:

Rock Wall Gardens

Rocks cannot support plant growth, as is common knowledge.

Then if you spread gardening soil over the rocks, they actually flourish—the aesthetic result is beautiful.

You can construct a walled garden next to a retaining wall or all the way around a little pond.

It is ideal to utilize wildflowers or plants with large leaves for this style of wall garden.

Plants with drooping leaves conceal the soil that supports their roots and gives the impression that they are growing directly out of the stone.

DIY for Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors:

If you’re one of those people, this is your chance to demonstrate your DIY ability.

Use the drawers from a sideboard you no longer need or the shelves from an old bookcase to create a walled garden.

Use authentic containers such as kitchen pots, purses, and old plastic bottles.

As long as it looks beautiful, anything that can contain some dirt is decent.

12. Hydroponic Wall Garden:

Hydroponic Wall Garden

Water is really the only thing a hydroponic wall garden needs to function.

If you build a garden out of PVC pipes that have holes cut out of the upper half, your plants will have all the water they need.

You can purchase hydroponic garden setups if you are not into do-it-yourself projects.

13. Succulent Wall Garden:

Succulent Wall Garden

Succulents can be used to decorate a wall inside because they are beautiful.

Alternately, you may have a walled garden in your backyard, perhaps against the house’s rear.

As each plant deserves to be seen and admired, it is ideal to situate them apart from one another.

Make sure to choose your succulents wisely because they come in a variety of sizes and forms.

14. Wall Vegetable Gardens:

Wall Vegetable Gardens

A vertical vegetable garden is exactly what you need if you want to put nutritious organic food on the table.

There are undoubtedly some edible plants in your garden as well, but there is always room for expansion.

A wall vegetable garden is a great place to produce lettuce or kale or cherry tomatoes.

A tiny berry bush is another choice.

Even if there isn’t enough to create jam, you can at least produce enough to use as cake decorations or fruit salad.

15. Indoor Wall Gardens:

Indoor Wall Gardens

Is the corridor uninviting and unwelcoming?

Build a walled garden and add some shelves and flower pots, if you can.

Alternately, a living wall can be used to make your dining room’s focal point.

Your family meals can be excellent if you include some greenery.

16. Green Wall Gardens:

Green Wall Gardens Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

Some individuals prefer flower-filled wall gardens in vibrant colours, it might be excessive at times.

Instead, you may make unobtrusive wall garden ideas and designs for indoors and outdoors with modest plants.

A walled garden covered in a single species of vine is elegant that can conceal a material like concrete that is obviously not fashionable.

17. White Wall Gardens:

White Wall Gardens - Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

Wood and plants go together naturally, but a white wall offers the ideal contrast for a bushy fern or a cactus.

While other vertical gardens are designed to conceal the brick, in this instance the white wall serves as a neutral background.

You can show off next to a special plant that you worked so hard to produce.

18. Artificial Wall Gardens:

Artificial Wall Gardens - Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

You can purchase an artificial wall garden that comes complete with pallets and fake plants, abundant to the dismay of ardent gardeners.

Perhaps not something you like in your home, but they are a possibility to take into account for a lobby or patio area.

These are locations where nobody has the time to maintain an entire wall of plants, yet a little bit of greenery makes them more appealing.

Best Plants for Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors:

Basically, you must take into account a plant’s demands to determine whether such an arrangement is appropriate.

Plants that are territorial and desire to spread out will be confined in a pot.



Ferns are ideal for wall gardens due to their lush appearance.

If you want to conceal yourself from the wall behind it as much as possible, a fern’s long hanging leaves are ideal.



If you don’t have much time to take care of all your plants, vines are a fantastic choice.

Low-maintenance plants include ivies and philodendrons.

They just require a small amount of soil because of their shallow roots, and if left unattended, they will crawl up the entire wall to cover it.



You may try making a walled garden out of some succulents, ideally any that produce vibrant flowers as they are durable, low-maintenance plants.

You might choose to try Crassula ovate, sometimes known as the Money tree, or the show-stopping Echeveria or Sedeveria with their beautiful patterns and hues.

Even though it doesn’t produce money, it will give your home a posh appearance.



Due to their low soil requirements and gorgeous, long-lasting blossoms, bromeliads are perfect for wall gardens.



Petunias love the sun and will turn a white wall into a riot of colour.

They also have a lovely scent.

Edible Plants:

Edible Plants

Herbs in particular are highly popular edible plants for wall gardens.

They take up very little room, and you can grow all the herbs you need on a few pot-lined shelves in your kitchen.

Herbs thrive indoors allowing enjoying fresh parsley or basil even in the dead of winter.

 If you have an outdoor wall garden, you can plant kale in the fall and lettuce and radishes in the spring.

During the summer, you can also grow green beans and patio tomatoes.

Wall Decorations for Gardens:

A wall or fence need not be covered in vegetation.

Select only a few of them, then fill the empty places with wall art that complements your landscape concept.

To place between your pots, there is a variety of lovely wooden, metal, or ceramic objects available.

Some examples are provided below:

FAQ: Wall Garden Ideas and Designs for Outdoors and Indoors:

Q1. How are living plant walls constructed?

Ans. Select an appropriate location first, and think about what you want to accomplish with it.

Is it a sunny or shaded area?

Make sure the plants require the same level of humidity if you’re thinking of employing an automatic watering system.

So that each plant has the opportunity to grow to its full potential which allows sufficient space between them.

It is best to get a piece of paper and sketch out your wall before beginning to drill holes or install shelves so you know what you’re doing.

For inspiration, look at our wall garden designs.

Q2. What kinds of plants work well for living walls?

Ans. There are many different live wall plant varieties that you can grow.

The ideal choice is ferns and vines if you want to totally conceal the wall behind them.

Choose begonias, petunias, or bromeliads for a beautiful wall.

As an alternative, you might wish to grow seasonal veggies or herbs on your living wall.

If you want something that requires little care, it is aesthetically pleasing, succulent plants are an excellent choice.

Q3. How are plants hanging without holes?

Ans. You can hang plants from the ceiling or even the wall itself using adhesive hooks, and if you don’t want to make too many holes in your walls or don’t have the requisite hand tools.

Alternately, you can search for suction cup pots that can be mounted to windows, but you’ll need to consider little plants because these accessories cannot support weights greater than 5lbs.

An additional choice is to erect a trellis and suspend your pots from its bars.

Additionally, you can hunt for sturdy tree branches, tidy them up a little, and create a kind of wood trellis, although this will only work with lightweight pots.

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There are many plants for someone who genuinely enjoys gardening for wall garden ideas and designs for outdoors and indoors.

The ability to cultivate a wider variety of plants and breathe new life into an unused space is provided by having a walled garden (or numerous wall gardens).

It is less significant whether you construct your own wall gardens or purchase vertical planters from a store.

If you have any more questions regarding wall gardens, use the contact form or post a comment below.

Happy wall planting!

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