Wooden Shelves Ideas for Your House Plants!

Wooden shelves ideas solve your storage space problems, they can help make your space more original, organized and clean.

In addition, they can be used to display some of your favourite books, objects, and plant pots to create a little plant wall.

To create a modern indoor garden, they are necessary.

If you’ve been putting off installing new shelves because you believe you don’t have the resources, time, or expertise to do it, think again.

There are both inexpensive and attractive shelves you can buy online and lots of inexpensive DIY projects.

Let’s discover some of the best together!

Wooden Shelves Ideas

Types of Wooden Shelves:

Wooden shelves are simple to build and widely available today, several simple designs can be installed in 30 minutes.

Rustic wooden shelves are elegant and simple.

Clean floating wooden shelves can be a more modern appearance.

Coloured wood could always be added to the mix if you wanted to add a touch of elegance.

You may buy fake wood shelves in stores as they are less expensive and less attractive.

So, we advise choosing the real thing.

Best Wooden Shelves Ideas:

We compiled a list of our favourite wooden shelves because there are several types available these days.

When making your selection, take into account your decorating preferences, the texture of the walls, the type of plants you want to display (potted, hanging, miniature, etc.), and the number of shelves will require in your room.

1. Industrial Pipe Metal and Wood Wall Floating Shelf:

Industrial Pipe Metal and Wood Wall Floating Shelf

Consider a floating shelf.

This piece’s wood construction gives it a classic appearance, and the black metal supports that resemble pipes have an industrial feel.

It is the less expensive wooden shelves with good quality.

It is a solid alternative due to its sturdy construction and straightforward fastening.

You have the ideal place to showcase priceless heirlooms, family photos, potted plants, and other decorative items on the flat, rectangular wooden shelf that is fastened to these pipes.

This may be mounted on nearly any wall using the proper mounting hardware, which is not included.

From our perspective, it can install very easily.

2. Vintage White Wood Wall-Mounted Curio Shelf:

Vintage White Wood Wall-Mounted Curio Shelf

Many homes have these “cubbies,” although the majority of them stand alone without being affixed to a wall.

They are frequently used as a bookshelf or a location to put storage cubes, and they sit on the ground.

However, this item can be hung from the wall for a distinctive appearance.

You may think of this retro-style shelf rack as a makeshift closet with wooden shelves ideas.

For instance, you may use it to show off miniature works of art or a collection of trinkets.

3. Rustic Open Box Shelves:

Rustic Open Box Shelves

The farmhouse aesthetic is very popular.

We must thus include some rustic-looking shelving.

These also function admirably in barns and shops where you might require a little more storage space but lack aesthetics.

The general public favours its contemporary geometric floating design.

The wall shelf has a rustic surface like a wall shelf with intersecting squares.

While practical and simple to use, it offers attractive, trendy hardwood shelves but you shouldn’t hang heavy objects on these wooden shelves ideas.

This free-standing, wall-mounted shelf comes in four different square sizes that may be connected to create a single, substantial unit.

The cubbies can store vases, candles, books, mementoes, plants, and much more.

4. Rustic Wooden Floating Shelves:

Rustic Wooden Floating Shelves

These floating wall shelves not only look adorable but also functions well.

The shelves can be arranged however you wish in any formation or design.

These are suitable for holding books, displaying bathroom accessories, ornamental items, pictures, and small plants.

5. Luxe Wood Floating Wine Shelves:

Luxe Wood Floating Wine Shelves

Your kitchen or dining room will look great with the addition of this DIY floating wine shelf set.

It is entirely handcrafted from premium solid pine wood that has been stained.

Although the hardware is not included, we appreciate that it has pre-drilled holes, which make hanging it simpler.

The set derives with a wine glass rack that can hold up to 15 glasses and a floating shelf with simple lines.

Therefore, this is a true two-for-one deal!

You may display your sense of design, organize your kitchen’s storage, and save your favourite glasses with the help of these wooden shelves ideas.

This is a wise solution with a classic appearance and strong usefulness, whether you want to organize your kitchen storage or decorate a blank kitchen wall.

6. Rustic Wood Wall Storage Shelf with Towel Bar:

Rustic Wood Wall Storage Shelf with Towel Bar

These wooden shelves are ideal for bathrooms or kitchens.

Due to the obvious hanging extension, they can be used to hang hand towels, bath towels, or other objects.

These shelves are made of pine wood that can give your room a lovely wooden texture.

The thick wood gives the appearance of stability that can help you elegantly fill space.

You can showcase your books, photos, and even plant pots while your towels are hung from them.

7. Wall Hanging Shelf with Hooks:

Wall Hanging Shelf with Hooks

Two shelves that are part of this set add the ideal finishing touch to the minimalist decor.

These adjustable cable lights are stylish and reasonably priced allowing them to be utilized in any space.

Decorative wall shelves are intended for entryways, mudrooms, or restrooms.

They can also be put in your bedroom.

Whether you wish to display flowers, tarot decks, or something else, these wooden shelves are easy to match into most home decors.

We think they look great in bathrooms, particularly since they have short storage.

While taking a bath, it is simple to hang your clothes, towels, or bathrobe from the hooks.

8. Industrial Pipe Modern Wood Bookshelf Wall Shelf:

Industrial Pipe Modern Wood Bookshelf Wall Shelf:

It would look fantastic in any kitchen or bathroom thanks to its artistic, steampunk appearance, however, it may be used practically anywhere.

Although it is more expensive than others, we believe that this particular rustic 3-tier industrial pipe shelf is well worth the price.

If you want industrial modern decor without any extra bells and whistles, this piece of furniture is built of solid wood and metal tubing.

You may use these wooden shelves ideas both inside and outside due to their durability and strength.

Naturally, you are also free to develop your design as a model.

9. Decorative Floating Wooden Wall Display Shelf:

Decorative Floating Wooden Wall Display Shelf

Due to their size and stain, this trio of floating shelves is distinctive.

We truly like the hue and find it appealing as it is a unique collection as a result of size variances.

You can get ideas from these wooden shelves that don’t have any obvious wall mountings and make your shelves.

They can be used to display small trinkets, hanging plants, books, vases, and pretty much anything else you want to draw attention to.

You do not have to put them up exactly.

They can be set up symmetrically or in a cascading pattern.

To contrast their various lengths, we suggest mounting them on the same wall.

With the aid of these floating shelves, any wall can appear deeper.

10. Wall-Mounted Torched Wood Floating Shelves:

 Wall-Mounted Torched Wood Floating Shelves

These burned wood shelves are another pair of shelves with lovely colouration that can be a lovely addition to any wall and raise the elegance of your design.

Showcase your favourite decorative objects or indoor plants with the help of this wall-mounted display shelving.

It elevates any wall with its all-board construction and wood veneer.

The flat, rectangular floating wood shelf looks lovely exhibited with your family photos, treasured relics, or potted succulents.

11. Wall Mounted Wood Floating Display Shelf:

Wall Mounted Wood Floating Display Shelf:

Any room and house can use this straightforward design.

You may easily and quickly exhibit your prized book collection or indoor plants by adding this straightforward yet endearing wall-mounted wood shelf.

Although we truly enjoy the mounting, you may always adjust it to suit your needs and your preferences or the resources you already have at home.

You may add a good piece of wood to an old mounting that you no longer use.

FAQ- Wooden Shelves Ideas:

Q1. Which type of wood is ideal for shelving?

Shelving made of cherry, pine, and plywood is a dependable choice.

All of them are portable, simple to install, and stylish.

Mahogany and red oak are further fashionable alternatives.

Q2. What kind of material works best for shelves?

A wide range of materials including glass, metal, plywood, plastic, and wood can be used to create shelves.

Our personal preference is wood since it blends well with most decors.

It is sturdy and has a classic appearance that enhances the appearance of the plant you place on it.

Q3. Is building your shelving more affordable?

Yes, if you already own the necessary ingredients.

If you are working with high-quality wood, you may be able to reuse the wall mountings from an old shelf or purchase a pair of mountings for next to nothing.

You might be better off purchasing pre-made wooden shelves if you lack the skills or wood to build shelves from scratch.

Q4. What are the prices of built-in shelves?

Shelves range in price from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars depending on the majority of the work, whether you already have the materials, and other criteria.

If you want built-in shelves, spend the money even though they are expensive because they are a great way to update the style of your home and use the space effectively.

But there are always innovative ways to use wooden shelves to save money.

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Wooden shelves are a terrific way to spruce up any wall and improve the ambience of the space because they blend practicality with ornamental flair.

Wooden shelves ideas can be a creative addition to your home, whether you’re a minimalist, love flamboyant, lavish furnishings and decor or fall somewhere in between.

Additionally, mounted shelves can maintain a room’s calm, open atmosphere without taking up too much room like heavy cabinetry.

Naturally, they are also much more economical.

We think it’s a terrific idea to build your wooden shelves and encourage you to do so.

By doing so, you may design something distinctive, personalised, and perfectly captures the desired aesthetic.

We hope that our suggestions motivated you to design your shelves or to purchase some that you loved and probably wouldn’t have found on your own.

Do you like shelves? employ them? Have you ever really thought about them?

Share your opinions about wooden shelves in the common box!

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